Certified Pre-Owned Cars vs Used Cars

Certified Pre-Owned Cars

When it comes to picking out your next pre-owned vehicle, you have two main choices: traditional used cars and certified pre-owned vehicles. Both types of vehicles offer a variety of perks and benefits. To help you decide which one is the best fit for you, we at Principle Volkswagen have put together this helpful guide.

Shoppers in the areas of Irving, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, and Dallas should read ahead to learn more about the differences and similarities between certified pre-owned vehicles and used vehicles!

CPO Vehicles vs Used Cars: What They Have in Common

Used Cars for Sale There are several similarities between certified pre-owned vehicles and traditional used cars. First and foremost, both types of vehicles are pre-owned. Whether you opt for a certified model or a used model, it’ll have had a previous owner. Both certified pre-owned vehicles and used vehicles can also be bought or leased depending on the brand.

Why Opt for a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Certified pre-owned vehicles are, by design, the perfect middle ground between a used car and a new car. These models are different from traditional used cars because they go through a meticulous certification process. In order to become certified, a model must meet several strict requirements, including:

  • Having under a certain amount of miles on the odometer (usually under 60,000 miles)
  • Being a certain model year or newer (usually six years or newer)
  • Having a vehicle history report that’s free of major accidents and body repairs

In addition to all these requirements that set these vehicles apart from traditional used cars, certified pre-owned models also often come with a wide variety of extra perks. Many brands offer extended warranty coverage and roadside assistance with their certified pre-owned vehicles.

The Benefits of Choosing a Traditional Used Vehicle

Used Car Deals One of the best benefits of choosing a traditional used car is the sheer volume of choices that you have to select from. Unlike with new vehicles where you’re bound to one model year’s worth of models, you’ll have vehicles from all model years, all makes, and all body types. Your choices for your next vehicle are virtually endless.

Another reason to consider opting for a traditional used car is their value. Their value gives you plenty of wiggle room in your budget so you can branch out with a model that you truly love.

Ready to Get Behind the Wheel of Your Next Vehicle?

We at Principle Volkswagen are thrilled that you decided to stop by today to learn more about the differences between certified pre-owned cars and used cars. As you can see, both types of vehicles offer all kinds of benefits—which one you choose is entirely dependent on your personal needs.

At our dealership, we offer a large selection of both certified vehicles and used vehicles for shoppers in the areas of Irving, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, and Dallas to choose from. Browse our inventory on our website and then give us a call to schedule a test drive!


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