Military & First Responders Program

Program Period:
January 3, 2019 – January 2, 2020

Program Description:

During the program period, VWoA will pay a Military & First Responders Bonus of $500 towards the lease or purchase of select new and unused Volkswagen models.

Eligible Vehicles:
All new, unused MY14-MY19 (excludes Golf R Models).

The following customers and their family household members are eligible:
a. Military:
Active Duty U.S. Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard and Active Reserve), U.S. Military Veterans (Veterans must be within 24 months of active duty), and U.S. Military Retirees
b. First Responders:
Police Officer, Sheriff/Sheriff’s Deputy, Correctional Officer, State Trooper, Federal Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter (career or volunteer), EMT, Paramedics, 911 Dispatcher/Operator

Documents required at time of sale:
1. Completed and signed Military & First Responder Claim Form
2. Customer Proof of eligibility:
Military: Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), Military ID card
First Responder: Department-issued ID

See dealer for full details

New Vehicles